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Weekly Specials

Featured Meats and Eats Through July 10th.

While every cut from our meat case or dish from the deli is special, each week we’re featuring a few of our favorites.

USDA PRIME Top Sirloin Picanha $19.99/lb
Picanha (pee-kahn-yah). The word is Portuguese, but this cut was first made popular in Brazil. And while it has international origins, our beef is ALWAYS sourced locally from farms right here in the upper midwest. Picanha is sort of a triangular cut surrounded by a layer of fat called a fat cap that helps keep it beautifully tender and juicy with an incredible mouth-watering flavor. This week, our USDA PRIME TOP SIRLOIN PICANHA is $3.00/lb off – just $12.99/lb through July 10th.

Daisy-Cut Pork Shoulder $3.99/lb
Also referred to as the Coppa cut or money muscle, Our DAISY-CUT PORK SHOULDER gets its name from the daisy-like shape in the center of the cut. Plus, we just like the name! Hagberg’s DAISY-CUT PORK SHOULDER is just $5.99/lb through July 10th.

Whizz Bangers $7.99/lb
Yes, we styled these after a traditional English Banger, but apologies to the Brits as it quickly strays from its namesake. Our unique banger version features a bit of cayenne and honey that gives it the “whizz.” It’s not smoked but it’s fully cooked, ready for a quick roll in the skillet or sizzle on the grill.  Hagberg’s WHIZZ BANGERS are just $7.99/lb through July 10th.

Spanish Pipedream Brat $5.99/lb
Inspired by the late John Prine song (the “Eat a lot of peaches” line, not the “Blow up your TV” line), these peachy PRINE SPANISH PIPEDREAM BRATS are just $5.99/lb through July 10th.

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