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Weekly Specials

Featured Meats and Eats Through September 25th.

While every cut from our meat case or dish from the deli is special, we feature a few of our favorites each week.

Prime Competition-Trimmed Beef Brisket $8.99/lb

We pre-trim the fat so you can jump right to seasoning! Competition-cut and ready for the smoker, the grill, or the oven with no additional trimming needed, Hagberg’s Prime Competition-Trimmed Beef Brisket serves up “prime” taste and tenderness. Get it for just $8.99/lb through Sunday, October 2nd.

 St. Louis Style Spare Ribs $5.99/lb

We expertly trim our St. Louis Style Spare Ribs to make them meatier and more uniform in shape for easy prepping, cooking, and eating. From a butcher’s perspective, “St. Louis Style” refers to the brisket bones being cut off, resulting in a “neater” portion that makes ‘em easily cuttable with a knife (rather than having to break out your meat saw). Our St. Louis Style Spare Ribs are just $5.99/lb through Sunday, October 2nd.

Cranberry Wild Rice Brats $5.99/lb

Our featured brat this week is our Cranberry Wild Rice Brat – wild rice with a sweet cranberry zing. Our neighbors in Wisconsin harvest more cranberries than any other place in the world. And Minnesota’s wild rice is legendary from coast to coast and beyond! Hagberg’s generations-old recipe takes the best of both states to create an all-new state of zesty deliciousness. Our Cranberry Wild Rice Brats are just $5.99/lb through October 2nd.

From The Smoker –Mettwurst $6.89/lb

A recipe from a longtime local farming family, the Schiltgens… our smoked METTWURST is a mild German-style sausage that combines beef and pork with hints of black pepper and mustard seed. …“our Mettwurst was made by my Dad for as long as I can remember. I can still smell the old wooden walk-in smokehouse that sat in the backyard of the old store on Main Street.” just $6.89/lb through October 2nd.

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