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A Meaty History

Okay class, it’s time for a little history lesson… Hagberg’s, “The Meat Place” has been a member of the Lake Elmo family of businesses since 1938. Billy and Melissa Hagberg operate the store that Billy’s grandparents, Ray and Olga, purchased nearly a century ago. In 1972, Billy’s parents, Bill and Pat moved the store from Main Street in Lake Elmo to it’s current location on bustling Highway 5.

The moment customers walk through the door all five senses are on high alert. They’re greeted with bustling energy, welcoming smiles, the vibrant colors and textures of fresh foods, and deliciously smoky aromas wafting over the meat counter. In an instant, they know that Hagberg’s is more than a typical butcher shop and market. Much more. We love meat, and it shows.

Our meat counter is packed (and by packed, we mean jammed) with the area’s largest selection of fresh meat and unique combinations prepared on-site by our own third-generation expert meatatarian – Billy Hagberg. But man cannot live by meat alone (sadly). To complement the area’s most robust meat counter, Hagberg’s also offers a selection of fresh specialty deli, bakery, and grocery items. And yes, after filling your cart with amazing meats and foods, you can fill your car’s gas tank at the pumps. However, while we are convenient, we are NOT a convenience store.

Our customers love us because they know they can count on Hagberg’s for the best of everything – from the exceptional quality of the meats and foods (many of which are locally sourced) to the local color and genuine pride and service of our staff. Or, as we like to say, if you love meat, you’ll really love Hagberg’s for an amazing meat and shopping experience – every time.