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A lot goes into that perfect cut of meat way before it hits the meat counter. Customers get quality and value because Billy adhere’s to his own values when choosing providers. Yes, Hagberg’s always prefers to source from local farms, but selections are also driven by a stringent set of principles that include great genetics, a quality feed program, and minimal processing. Billy also puts a premium on humane animal welfare and sustainable practices.


For produce, dairy, and meats, we take a great deal of pride in supporting local businesses whenever possible. We choose local providers for fresher, more distinctive and higher quality selections. We believe that a closer relationship between us and the farmers results in a better shopping experience for our customers.


We eat what our meats eat, so it’s important that they eat well. We strive to select meats that have been raised with appropriate feed with minimal additives that is fresh and properly blended to achieve the highest nutritional value to the animal.


We source animals that are humanely raised and ranched with access to sunshine, grass, and fresh air for its whole life, then processed using only humane methods.


We support responsible farmers who use sound agricultural practices. Sustainably raised meat simply tastes better. It’s produced in ways that don’t threaten public health or the environment we all share.


We use the entire animal from nose to tail for steaks, sausages, ground meat, and prepared foods.