Parties & Packages

Parties & Packages

Gotta group? Make it a party! For parties large and small, we make party meal planning a breeze. From meats and salads, we have something for every celebration. We can even supply the buns! We kindly ask that you place your order at least 48 hours in advance. Got an idea but don’t see it below? Don’t hesitate to ask – we specialize in special requests. Call 651-777-2888 or drop us a line to order.

Prices subject to change. Some items are subject to tax.

Heat & Serve Meals

Heat & Serve Meals

Prices subject to change.

Shredded Roast Beef – $8.49 per pound

5 servings per pound

Sliced Beef Au-Jus* – $8.99 per pound

4 servings per pound

Fully Cooked Smoked BBQ Ribs – $9.99 per pound

Shredded Porketta Roast – $7.99 per pound

5 servings per pound

Shredded Chicken BBQ Style – $5.99 per pound

Shredded Pork BBQ Style – $7.99 per pound

No Ordinary Joe Sloppy Joes – $6.99 per pound

Approximately 7-8 servings per pound

Dairy Baked Potatoes – $4.99 per pound

4 servings per pound

Twice Baked Potatoes – $5.99 per pound

Mashed Potatoes – $3.29 per pound

Mac & Cheese – $4.49 per pound

Meat Balls – $5.99 per pound

4 servings per pound

Taco Meat – $6.99 per pound

6-8 servings per pound

*Price per pound and servings per pound based on pre-cooked weight. 5 pound minimum order. Please order 3 days in advance.



Prices subject to change.

Cocktail Buns – $3.29 dozen

6—8 buns per lb.

Small Sandwich Buns – $3.69 dozen

3—4 buns per lb.

Large Sandwich Buns – $4.69 dozen

Choice of White or Wheat

Deli Salads

Deli Salads

All salads are freshly made in house from scratch and are approximately 3-5 servings per pound. Prices subject to change.

Potato Salad – $3.99 per pound

Turkey Ring Salad – $6.49 per pound

Cole Slaw – $3.99 per pound

Chicken Wild Rice – $6.49 per pound

Broccoli Salad – $5.49 per pound

Pepperoni Pasta – $5.99 per pound

Ranch Potato Salad – $4.99 per pound

Seafood Rotini – $5.79 per pound

Italian Sausage Pasta – $4.99 per pound

Bowtie Parmesan – $4.49 per pound

Chicken Mostaccioli – $5.99 per pound

Southwestern Chef $– 5.49 per pound Cheddar Macaroni $3.89 per pound

Oriental Turkey – $5.49 per pound

BLT Salad – $4.99 per pound

Club – $4.79 per pound

Buffalo Chicken Salad – $5.99 per pound

Caesar Tortellini – $5.29 per pound

Antipasto – $4.95 per pound

Penne Regatta – $4.49 per pound

Dill Cucumbers – $3.99 per pound

Pasta Florentine – $6.99 per pound

Oriental Crunch – $4.49 per pound

Tuna Pasta Salad – $5.49 per pound

Nettie’s Beans – $4.99 per pound

Smokey Baked Beans – $4.49 per pound

Tomato Herb – $4.49 per pound

Save Time and ORDER Ahead

Next time, save time and go to the head of the line. Next-day pick-up is available for most orders placed before 3:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

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