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Hagberg’s Meatloaf. Comfort Food With A Delicious History!

When it comes to comfort food, everybody has their favorites. But a classic dish that makes just about everyone’s list is meatloaf! In fact, Hagberg’s meatloaf has been bringing delicious comfort to the dinner table for generations – literally. But we can’t take all of the credit. Much of the credit goes to Pawnee’s Bar & Bowling Alley in Bayport, Minnesota, or specifically the grandson of Phyllis Nelson, who shared her meatloaf recipe with us over 20 years ago. Their “Swedago” meatloaf was (and still is) the stuff of legends.

Of course, their original “Swedago” meatloaf recipe started with Hagberg’s legendary ground beef. The other ingredients, however, are a family secret (fortunately for us, Phyllis’s grandson wasn’t great at keeping secrets). Over the years, we’ve tweaked the original Pawnee’s meatloaf recipe to incorporate our own ideas, but one thing is for sure: the meatloaf is as popular (and famous) as ever!

How to cook a Hagberg’s meatloaf.

Aside from the mouth-watering taste, one of the best things about Hagberg’s meatloaf is its easy cooking. We make our meatloaf in either one or two-pound tins ready to pop into the oven. A two-pound meatloaf will take about an hour, and a one-pounder will take about 40 minutes in an oven preheated to 325° F. But remember, oven temps will vary, so check it after an hour or so. The internal temperature should be 160° F. Upon completion, drain any extra liquid from the pan, and it’s ready to slice and serve.