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How To Cook Hagberg’s Meatballs

Want To Know What’s In Our Italian Meatball Mix? Fugettaboutit!

Hagberg’s meatball mix is one of those items in our meat case that we don’t often talk about. But now that we’re deep into comfort food season, we thought now would be a good time to cover some meatball basics

First of all, our super top-secret recipe for the best meatballs you’ll find this side of Sicily isn’t really ours! It’s Joe Tucci’s original family recipe from the old neighborhood in St. Paul, MN. But we’ve been making this mix so long, it’s kind of become our own. It starts with just the right blend of ground pork and beef. Mixed with a unique Italian blend of seasonings, bread crumbs, and egg, it leaves our meat case ready to roll.

How To Cook Hagberg’s Italian Meatballs

While I am sure there are other old family methods for making meatballs, as far as we’re concerned, there are basically two schools of thought on how to get the most out of our Joe’s Italian Meatball mix. And neither is complicated at all.

A pound of Joe’s Italian Meatball Mix will make 8-9 golf ball-size meatballs.

Roll & Dunk Method

Roll your meatballs and drop them uncooked into your pot of red gravy (pasta sauce). Let them simmer in the sauce until cooked all the way through.

Tried-And-True Hagberg’s Method

Place your meatballs on a lightly oiled baking sheet to prevent sticking and cook in an oven preheated to 400° F for 20 minutes and cook to an internal temp of 160° F. Drop ’em in the gravy, and they’re ready to enjoy.