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Our Sourcing Search Always Bring Us Back To Our Own Backyard.

At Hagberg’s we never stop searching for the best sources of meats, produce, dairy, and groceries. Fortunately, we don’t have to look far. Our business takes pride in sourcing from local purveyors whenever possible. We’ve developed great relationships with many local producers who help us keep our commitment to providing our customers with quality and selection you just can’t find at the chain stores. But it goes beyond quality products. As a small business, we know how important it is to support our local economies where we live, shop, and work.

It may appear that “shopping local” is a trend. Well, it is. You definitely see more emphasis on supporting local businesses in the media. And we’re proud to know Hagberg’s is a trendsetter. Since day one, we’ve made sustainable buying decisions that minimize environmental impact, make our customers happy, while supporting our family and our employee’s families.

Small businesses depend on local communities to survive and thrive, especially in these bizarre distancing days. And the demand is growing in our community for local products – especially food and beverages. Folks are more in tune with their health, the environment, humane food production, as well as many other factors. Those are all things that we consider when choosing the products we sell. When customers support a local grocer like us, they know they’re supporting other local businesses in turn.

So yes, we take a lot of pride in our heritage of buying local and we’ll continue to do so – because it’s the right thing to do for our community, our environment, and our business. Plus, local food tastes better.

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