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Get Your Gas Grill Ready For Grilling Season

We know, some of you hearty die-hards don’t let winter keep you from getting your grill on, but for most, it’s finally time to uncover the grill and get cooking! Okay, we know it’s not brain surgery, but taking a few simple steps to prep your grill for the season is fast and easy. And it just might save you from blowing your deck off!

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How To Cook A Brat

To boil or not to boil? Or bake? The answer is yes.

No-boil method: Remove from wrap (thaw if frozen) and place it on a hot grill. The key to the no-boil process is to go low and slow. Keep the heat controlled and turn often, so you don’t break the skin while the brat cooks. This keeps the juices in the brat and allows the char from the grill to flavor the skin. The brats are done when the inside temp reaches 150-155 degrees.

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