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Get Your Gas Grill Ready For Grilling Season

We know, some of you hearty die-hards don’t let winter keep you from getting your grill on, but for most, it’s finally time to uncover the grill and get cooking! Okay, we know it’s not brain surgery, but taking a few simple steps to prep your grill for the season is fast and easy. And it just might save you from blowing your deck off!

Check The Hose

Give it a once-over from your propane tank to your burners. Make sure it’s all in one piece and clean. Clean off any build-up and if it has signs of being cracked or worn, replace it. It’s worth a couple of bucks to, again, ensure you won’t blow your deck off.

Clean ‘Er Up

If you’re like a lot of folks, your grill probably has left-overs from last fall’s last cookout. Not only might they be flammable, but they probably won’t taste too good. Take out the racks, grates, and burner covers and give everything a good scrub down with warm water and a wire brush (if needed). And throw any grilling tools that may have hibernated in your grill into the dishwasher.

Clean Out Your Grease Trap

SO, under your grill, you have a grease trap (in case you didn’t know). It’s probably full and a little gross. Dump it out and wash it. Want to make it easier on yourself next year? Line it with aluminum foil.

Tighten ‘Er Down

Give it a once-over with a screwdriver and make sure all of the joints are tight. Pulling it in and out for use can cause screws to loosen, and you don’t want to works to fall apart when you’re grilling up a couple of beautiful ribeyes!

Fire Up A Test Run

Before you throw those brats on, turn on your grill, light it up, and let it burn for a few minutes. Make sure all the burners are firing, there are no gas leaks, and it turns completely off when you turn off the gas.

Make The First Grill Of The Season Worthy

Okay, you took the time to spruce up and prepared your grill for work. DOn’t blow the first cookout with run-of-the-mill hot dogs. Get to Hagberg’s and load up on some fresh-cut steaks or some of our awesome brats.

Now, get grillin’!

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