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Only Prime-Grade Local Beef And Certified Duroc Pork – Other Meats Don’t Cut It (Or Get Cut) At Hagberg’s.

We’ve always put a premium on providing only the highest quality meats to our customers. These days, you can’t open a newspaper or watch a newscast without hearing about large meat processors. At Hagberg’s, we source our meats from local providers for fresher, more distinctive, and higher quality selections. We believe that a closer relationship between the farmers and us results in a better shopping experience for our customers.

Yes, as a family-owned, local business, we feel it’s important to support other family-owned local businesses. But supporting the local economy is only part of why we source our meats from local, independent producers.

While we always prefer to source from local farms, our selections are also driven by a stringent set of principles that include great genetics, a quality feed program, and minimal processing. Billy also puts a premium on humane animal welfare and sustainable practices.

We firmly believe that local meats are better for your body, better for the environment, and way better for your taste buds.

Sustainably raised, local meats are much more flavorful and higher quality than factory-farmed meats. And when there are fewer steps between your food’s source and your dinner table, the chance contamination is reduced, and the nutritional value remains high. When food has to travel from factory farms to grocery store chains, it can result in lower nutritional value, higher fat and caloric content, and can often include hormones and other food additives.

Local sourcing has inherent environmental benefits as well. Smaller, sustainable farms tend to leave a much smaller carbon footprint than factory farms that can harm the environment – polluting the air, water, and soil.

Rest assured, our meat case is filled with the safest and most delicious meat you’ll find anywhere. You don’t have to go far to find the best meats, because we don’t go far to source them.

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