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You Betcha, It’s Time To Get Your Minnesota Turkey Ordered.

Uff-Da U-Betcha Dontcha-know Minnesota Turkeys Are Better. Don’t chance it with a typical grocery-store bird on the big day. Order your fresh Minnesota turkey from Hagbeg’s. We’re taking orders for fresh Minnesota Turkey at the meat case or give us a call we’ll be happy to put you on the reservation list.

At Hagberg’s, you get more than a great bird. We can prep it to your personal tastes, including deboning, parting out, and spatchcock* Please note that we don’t offer a pre stuffing option as we believe this should only be done immediately before cooking.

*What the heck is spatchcock? It’s just what us meat cutters call “butterflying”. This increases the surface area of the bird, allowing it to cook more evenly and in less time. This helps the dark meat cook as quickly as the white, resulting in juicy turkey in about half the time.

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